The Intersection
of History, Industry
Modernity & Lifestyle

Gone Are The Days
of Cubicles, Hung Ceilings
& Fluorescent Lighting.

At Night Is Big
And Bright

40,000 SF of dining within East Quarter ranging from fast casual to Michelin star chefs which provides options from work happy hours to fine dining. Adjacent to Farmer’s Market Food Hall, Deep Ellum and Dallas CBD.

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Nestled between the Farmers Market, Downtown Dallas, Deep Ellum and the Central Business district, East Quarter Residences is located at the intersection of history, industry, modernity and lifestyle.

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A Texas State Of Mind

Dallas’s most innovative companies have thrived in the neighborhood since its inception as “Auto-Row” in the 1920’s.

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Views beyond the cityscape of Downtown Dallas. Lighthouse ArtSpace is a world-renowned digital art experience located in EQ's historic Block House. Monumental projections display meticulous detail – illuminating the mind of geniuses like Vincent van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, and Monet. Coming spring 2023, Harwood Park – four acres of lush city park amenities for all ages. This and more in E.Q.

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Art, technology, and human-oriented commerce will mark this area as distinct from everything else Dallas has to offer. E.Q. represents the hub of commerce, culture, and creativity.